Iceye .tif GRD Reader in Python

I have downloaded the “Dark Ship” data set recently released by Iceye. One of the products in it contains the following files:

When I try to read these in with Python, using this command:
(main)>>> from snappy import ProductIO
(main)>>> a=ProductIO.getProductReaderForInput(‘E:\Iceye\ICEYE_GRD_South_China_Sea_DarkVesselDetect\ICEYE_X2_GRD_SM_3234_20190313T144753.tif’)
The reader I get is:
(main)>>> a
(main)>>> print(a)

and I also get the following results:
(main)>>> initial_product = ProductIO.readProduct(‘E:\Iceye\ICEYE_GRD_South_China_Sea_DarkVesselDetect\ICEYE_X2_GRD_SM_3234_20190313T144753.tif’)
(main)>>> print(initial_product.getProductReader())
(main)>>> print(list(initial_product.getBandNames()))

NOT the IceyeGRDProductReader I expect. Worse, this reader basically provides access to “band_1” as opposed to the “Amplitude_VV” and “Intensity_VV” I get when I use the SNAP GUI and specifically select ingestion of Iceye data (ie - I know the data is good and that the required readers are on my machine somewhere…).

Does anyone know what I need to change or force to get the SNAP python interface to use the correct reader? A couple of lines of Python code as an answer would be great.

Hello @johnwegrzyn, I have an issue with GPT instead with the graph.xml

<node id="Read"> <operator>Read</operator> <sources/> <parameters class="com.bc.ceres.binding.dom.XppDomElement"> <file>/workspace/data/ICEYE_X2_GRD_SL_27738_20200501T073422.tif</file> <formatName>IceyeProduct</formatName> </parameters> </node>

GPT returns:

Executing processing graph SEVERE: com.iceye.esa.snap.dataio.IceyeProductReader: Cant read /workspace/data/ICEYE_X2_GRD_SL_27738_20200501T073422.tif: not a valid CDM file.

On SNAP GUI (graph builder) everything works fine.

Did you find a solution?

Maybe @ABraun can shed some light here

where did you download the ICEYE tif files?

I have only tested h5 files and they work fine.

These were provided to the Charter but it’s pretty much the process I found here:


  • Open ICEYE data on SNAP by clicking Open product then browse to the place the ICEYE example dataset is stored (TIFF format)
  • Choose ICEYE Products when asked

They use the .tif format for the GRD. It works fine on the GUI (including graph builder) but not via gpt CLI

it seems that this window which requires the choice for a reader when selecting a GeoTiff is not part of the GPT or python routines:


Any chance to get this feature tracked as an issue on the S1TBX?


Did I report it correctly?

Thanks @ABraun!
Yes it correctly reported.
Looking forward for the solution

Hello @ABraun

Any news regarding this issue? Is it part of SNAP 8?

it’s still tagged as “open”, but it could be implemented in one of the irrgegular updates (independent from the version). Still, SNAP 8 is going to be released soon.

Sure this is what I could see as well on JIRA.
What I’m looking for is an update on the target date for the fix and if there will be a fix

I got an update on this:

since v7.04 it is possible to select the ICEYE metadata xml file to ensure there is no confusion on which reader to use.

Thanks @lveci @ABraun, much appreciated!

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