iCOR cache/tmp not cleaning up

Hi am i missing a flag for cleaning up the tmp directory when icor fails due to cloud cover or insufficient land cover to perform the process. I have the --keep_intermediate false flag in use but when icor fails it doesn’t clean up after itself. I have so far done 100 S2 scenes in the last hour and have a 70Gb output directory but a 700Gb tmp directory. I am having to use a secondary script to go round behind cleaning up the tmp directory of files not altered in the last 30mins (hopefully only the failed ones :confused:).

OS Ubuntu 20.04.1
SNAP 8.0.2 - but running direct from bash
ICOR 0.1

Dear iCOR user,

Indeed the intermediate files will only be removed in case of no failure of iCOR. The idea behind this was that the intermediate files allow the user to investigate why the atmospheric correction failed.

We will consider this issue in the next release of ICOR scheduled for Q2 2021.

The iCOR support team