iCOR L8 and S2 processing failure SNAP 5.0



I downloaded the iCOR atmospheric correction plugin last week and came across some problems I could not fix or understand from the user manual or topics within this forum.

Using SNAP version 6.0 I successfully used iCOR on Landsat 8 imagery. The Sentinel-2 data still gives a parsing metadata error, which was explained within another topic with the title ‘Parsing Sentinel 2 metadata file error’. However, within this topic a suggestion was made that Sentinel-2 data acquired before October 2017 should still work using SNAP version 5.0.

To test this I downloaded SNAP 5.0 and found that both Landsat 8 and Sentinel 2 images from before or after October 2017 do not process correctly. One run takes only 3-4 seconds and does not produce any outputs. The execution output code is similar to that of the earlier correctly processed Landsat 8 image using SNAP 6.0, except for a few lines just after the AOT calculation:

78% Calculate Aerosol Optical Thickness (AOT)
Running ac_runner c:\users\\appdata\local\temp\atcconfxvkjgf.conf
Running ac_runner c:\users\
Process output:

My question: is this a common problem using the iCOR plugin with the SNAP 5.0 version that is fixable?

P.s. I have installed anaconda python 2.7 and the VS2015 redistributables.


Hi Lennart,

iCOR should work in the SNAP 5 version, for both Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2. Only the new file format of Landsat-8 (with the Tiers) is not supported in this version.

You can check a few things:

  • How much disk space is available? Ideally this should be > 15GB
  • Can you rename the Sentinel-2 image or move this to a shorter directory (with short path name).
  • Check if your username on your computer does not contain any odd symbols (eg ‘#’)

Best regards,


Hi Liesbeth,

Thank you for your reply! I tried running the Sentinel-2 image with shorter path names and within a folder that has a shorter length. The Sentinel-2 images now seem to run correctly on SNAP 5.0.

Again, thank you for your help!

Best regards,