Icor no results

Hello and thanks for all the great team,

I have just downloaded iCOR 3 and installed it in SNAP 9.0 on Windows 10. I ran iCOR for S2B_MSIL1C, I started with defaults settings, but I got this results, what is the wrong?


Maybe it is better to send your question directly to the icor team.
Try the contact page at VITO.
Contact Us | VITO Remote Sensing

Thank you marpet.

I have another question pls.
How can i stretching the colours of my output and put them between values of 0 – 0.8 using snap? I need to check the pixel.
Thank you

You can do this by using the Colour Manipulation Tool.
The tool is described in the help:

And there is also a video tutorial:


Thank you so much marpet

It works well with me now and i got the three outputs.

According to the manual the outputs are Bottom of Atmosphere reflectance, so how to convert them to
Rrs. Also should i merge these three outputs ?

Thanks a lot


You need to divide your values by π.
There is also a thread on ResearchGate:
What’s the difference between “Surface Reflectance” and “Remote Sensing Reflectance”? (researchgate.net)

Which three outputs do you want to merge? Do you have three scenes processed?
If so, you can use the Mosaic or the Binnig Tool in SNAP.

how did you solve this?