ICOR not running "GDAL "

Glad you found success.

When I’m experimenting with a new workflow I usually have a window that shows memory usage open so I can see if I’m trying to do more than the hardware can handle. Linux has an “Out of Memory Killer” that will abruptly kill user jobs that are using so much memory that it jeopardizes basic system functions. Years ago when student users shared multi-user unix systems some jokers would try to bring the system to a crawl or crash by finding ways to allocate all the memory.

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Hey marpet,
I am confused with the installation of python version, in the manual it says that the python version should be 3.6 0r > so I have installed python version 3.9, however while setting up the python path for snap_v_8 - it says that the python version should be 2.7 or 3.4.

Which version shall I download and later how can I download these packages? Do I have to download via pip in cmd?

Thank you.