iCOR not working for S2 L1C products

Hi I can successfully run iCOR on my S3a L1 products, however when I try to run it for my S2 products, I get the following execution output:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “c:\Program Files\VITO\iCOR\src\icor.py”, line 45, in process_product
icor.sentinel2.process_saf(context, product,working_folder)
File “c:\Program Files\VITO\iCOR\src\icor\sentinel2.py”, line 72, in process_saf
granules = sentinel2_metadata.parse(path,bandList)
File “c:\Program Files\VITO\iCOR\src\icor\sentinel2_metadata.py”, line 311, in parse
raise Exception("Something went wrong while parsing the S2 metadata file: s" str(e))
Exception: Something went wrong while parsing the S2 metadata file: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, NoneType found
parsing arguments
icor installation folder C:\Program Files\VITO\iCOR
running icor for Sentinel2 …
reading config C:\Program Files\VITO\iCOR/src/config/local_sentinel2_simec.ini
output path = c:\Temp\S2A_MSIL1C_20160823T103022_N0204_R108_T32TLR_20160823T103332_processed.tif
iCOR temp folder : c:/users/USER/appdata/local/temp/icor_kro8di_proc
workflow = simec
Finished tool execution in 0 seconds

These are the systems variables. From what I have read it could be to do with this:

Or related to these error messages:

Using SNAP 8.0 on windows