ICOR outputs

Dear all,

I have pls two issues related to ICOR outputs, ICOR outputs are three files, .tif with resolution 60M which include all bands except 9 and 10 bands, 20M.tif which include b1,b2,b3,b4,b5,b8a,b11and b12 and 10M.tif which include b2,b3,b4,b8. My question is if I am interested only with bands from 1 to 6, so I can only use the first output (60M) after resampling it to 10m and ignore the other two outputs?

The second question as I confused after reading many topics, the output of ICOR is Rhow or Rhos or Rhot?

Thank you so much


I guess the reflectance values depend on the surface type.
Land is rhos (surface reflectance) and water is rhow (water leaving reflectance). This is what I read from the OLCI user manual page 16/17. Probably it is the same for S2 MSI.
Better ask VITO directly: Contact Us | VITO Remote Sensing

Only you can decide if it is okay to use only the 60M output.
But keep in mind, that even after upsampling to 10 meter you will not have better information. But artificial information is introduced. This shortcoming is reduced when you use the highest resolution for each band.