ICOR: problems with image output and pixel value

I use SNAP 6.0 on my xubuntu 16.04 system.
I have installed the iCOR 2.0.0 module for sentinel 2 and Landsat 8 atmospheric correction.
After some modifications on the module system variables (assigned icor_py as \src\icor.py, like linux system and I changed it to /src/icor.py).

It works but with some problems:

  1. the output of images correction is split in 3 files *_10M.tif, *_20M.tif and *_60M.tif (without georeference)
    although I have set in “Target Product” the tag “Save as” “BEAM-DIMAP”. It’s possible obtain directally all the bands in one file *.dim?

  2. after the correction NaN pixels values located in original images are converted to very high value (about 340282346638528860000000…)

An opinion on correct interpretation:
after the correction some pixel value are higher than 1 or lower than 0 in these cases is more correct to set these value to 1 and 0?