iCOR Sentinel3a - Georeference/projection problem

There seems to be a few other similar queries on here but I can’t seem to find a definitive response.

I have ran some OL_1_EFR Sentinel 3a images through iCOR. When I load the radiance TIF files into QGIS, they do not seem to be georeferenced. When I have ran Sentinel 2 images through iCOR and then onto QGIS, the band files seem to be georeferenced fine. Why is this?

The S3A TOA file does have geo_latitude and geo_longitude TIF files. Is there a way of using this data on my radiance files, rather than warping / using the georeferencr plugin?

When I set the CRS in the layer properties, all it does is place my image in the centre of the map, ie the Atlantic Ocean! Any advice on how I can project radiance files correctly onto my CRS would be really appreciated. Thanks.

yes, the question i have meet when i deal with the OL_1_EFR data. hence, there will be some suggestions for you to get the georeference for OL_1_EFR data,.

(1) when you deal with the ol_1_EFR thought the icor for sentinel 3, you can find the Longitude and latitude data in your disk, you can find them from C:\Users\xx\AppData\Local\Temp\icor_xxxxxx_proc. xxxTP_longitude和xxxTP_latitude. this is a temporary path, you need to copy Longitude and latitude to a new path.
(2) if you are good at programming, you can easy to deal with it. if you cannot program, you can see the next step three.
(3) using the qgis to merge the longitude, latitude and projected olci after atmosphere correction. you need to load the longitude, latitude and projected olci data to qgis software. then, selecting Raster-miscellaneous-merge one by one, after this opreation, you need to export the merged data.

(4) last, using the snap software to get the georeference . specificly, import the merged data ,then you can choose the Tools-Attach Pixel Geo-Coding to get the olci data with georefence.

hope for you !