The iCOR team is aware of the inconvenience caused by the non-compatibility of iCOR-S2 with SNAP 6.0. The team is currently testing and verifying a patch which would solve the issue. We hope to release the patch within 2 weeks.

The iCOR team


Wonderful, this is great news for the S2 & Landsat8 community!

Looks like the update is now available

Yes, indeed we have just made a patch available on the ICOR download page (see http://ec2-52-211-176-168.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com/update.html) which should solve the issue.

The iCOR team

They are still two weeks, but it’s great news :slight_smile:

Yes great news, please do some testing + if everything looks ok we can make it into a bundled plugin @kraftek

Sure, just let me know when the binaries for at least Linux and Windows are available.

Hi iCOR team,

installed the patch and iCOR S2 pluggin runs but it does not produce an output. Please help.


This is strange. I would advice you follow the following sequence

  1. remove snap 5
  2. install snap 6
  3. install iCOR
  4. Install patch (follow readme file)

Other things to verify:

  • check if c:\Temps exists where by default the output will be written
  • check if you have sufficient free space

Best regards

The ICOR team

I have a problem. I am using SNAP 6.0 with images from August 2019. I cannot find the ICOR files in the .Temp folder
I already restarted my computer, reinstalled the programs, SNAP 6.0 and ICOR 2.0 that I downloaded from your site. I can’t solve this problem, help.

does this runs with the latest version of SNAP? The link above provided for the patch isn’t working? Any update on this?


Can you show the error message you’re encountering?
iCOR is compatible with SNAP 7 and SNAP 6.

Kind regards


The directory ‘c:\Temp’ needs to exist for iCOR to run. If not, can you create this directory and retry iCOR?

How can I create this? Sorry, is my first time doing this. =)

There are different ways to create a new folder. E.g for windows 10:

Finally I did it!!! Thanks, I had to uninstalled SNAP, then install it again, and the vito folder that was located in the programs file I had to move it to the c:/ and then change the folder name to temp !! Thanks a lot this took me almost 1 year to try and install it to my snap.

@elviajedejen please check the color manipulation tab, maybe it is just bad contrasts. Also, setting the nodata value for the pixels outside the image area could help.

Thank you for commenting. I already figure out what was going on. The program automatically picks a .temp target as the product, and that file has no bands nor is created properly, so I change the target product to the actual satellite bands file as the real target product. It all ran fine, but sadly this wasn’t what I was looking for. however, had fun learning to process some images so I know definitely that I will use it in the future with other works.

Thank you all really much on helping me out