Identification of Waterbodies


I have just started my journey with Sentinel-data.
at present my aim is to identification of water bodies using sentinel data using open source GIS tools.
I need your valuable suggestions and guidelines in this…



You could calculate some indices like NDWI or others. :slight_smile:


Check the IdePix processor.
It is in the menu at Optical / Preprocessing / Masking / IdePix.
It’s available for Sentinel-3 OLCI and Sentinel-2 MSI.
It provides a LAND flag. So where you don’t have land, you have water.
After starting the processor, first it seems that it is not responding but after a while you see progress.
Currently the documentation is not yet complete. Please ask if you have further questions


thnq Mr. Marpet
let me try with it


With “Band Maths” (on right-click over my layer - or Raster > Band Maths) it could possible to perform Calculations as per the user choice.

In SNAP-5.0 version, common sort of indices are available to perform.
refer: Optical > Thematic land Processing or Thematic Water Processing


hI abgbaumann,
How a alone with a single band is enough for computations of NDWI, NDVI!


A single band will not be enough to compute such indices.
The D means Difference and with a single band you can’t compute a difference.
To detect water bodies on a single band you can you a threshold. But this will not be very accurate.