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I am trying to apply idepix to 231 S2 scenes, the scenes have been resampled to 20m and a subset has been applied. I am receiving an error saying “error: unknown operator name 'Idepix.s2” and nothing is being outputted to my folder, I have tried to change this name to Idepix.Sentinel2 but nothing changes. I am running the code using R and will attach a screenshot of both the code, the xml graph and error message - thanks in advance!

an example of one of the S2 scenes in my folder is: “Leven_L1C_20211210T112448_S2resampled_20m_subset.dim”.

Idepix_MSI.xml (690 Bytes)


Have you installed the idepix plugin?

It would be helpful to have the error text in text format. SNAP’s GDAL is finding an incompatible /usr/local/opt/jpeg/libjpeg8.dylib (maybe from a homebrew package), so you won’t be able to use GDAL.

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It looks like the Idepix.S2 operator is not installed.
Instead running your usual command, you could run gpt -h this will print the list of installed operators.
Idepix is not shipped with the SNAP installer. You need to install it separately via the Plugin Manager.


Many thanks! Problem is now resolved