IdePix Sentinel 2 Problem on target product initialisation

I want to use IdePix for cloud detection for sentinel images in SNAP 9.0. First thing, I have resampled sentinel 2 Level 1C images to 10 m Resolution. Now, when i try to execute IdePix Sentinel 2 MSI the following error is occurred.

"A problem occurred during target product initialisation.
Type: OperatorException
Message: Mandatory auxdata file ‘’ could not be downloaded:Address family not connected by protocol family:connect

Input product is S2A_MSIL1C_20180615T045701_N0206R119_T44QPD_20180615T080052_s2resampled.dim

please assist me in this regard.
Thanks Hari.

You may have encountered an internet glitch. You can download the file manually from:
STEP Watermask Images
and save them to a <user_home>/.snap/auxdata/watermask directory.

After saving all files in the respective directory. I have executed the IdePix processor, the following error is occured.

“A problem occurred during target product initialisation”
Type:Operator Exception
Message: Cannot construct DataBuffer

Please assist me in this regard
Thanks, Hari.

This means that your system does not have enough memory to process the data.
You can try to limit the processing to a specific area, or you only do the processing on 20m.
Alternatively, you can increase the RAM of your system.

Many thanks. Problem is resolved

Many Thanks sir. Problem is Resolved