IdePix Sentinel 2 Problems

Hi !

I want to use IdePix for cloud detection of sentinel images. As already explained in some tutorial, I’ve resample sentinel 1c images (60m) - all the bands are saved in a .dim file. Now, when I try to execute IsePix Sentinel-2 MSI, the following error is being generated:

"A problem occurred during the target product initialisation.
Type: OperatorException
Message: Selected cloud screening algorithm cannot be used with given input product.

Input product must be S2 MSI L1C product."

Can somebody give me a clue?
Thanks, Paolo.

can you please share the product ID of the image you use as input?


Have you renamed the reflectance bands?
Or have done something else with the product? I’m asking because of the ‘STACK1’ in the name.

I’d created an image with all the bands 1C through layer stacking process and then resampled all of them. May the problem be the fact that the bands are named from band_1 to band_13 (considering the band 8A)?

Yes, you should not start with self created layer stack.
Use the original L1C in SNAP and resample this one.

OK. So, does it mean that I should run IdePix one band by one (through batch)?

No, If you use the MTD_MSIL1C.xml file in the Safe folder, then the product is opened as a whole.

Thanks a lot, it worked !!

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