IDEPIX with MERIS 4th reprocessing

I cannot get IDEPIX to recognise the MERIS 4th reprocessing reduced resolution files. I’ve tested using both SNAP v8 and SNAP v7 (linux versions) and just get the following message:

“Selected cloud screening method can not be used with given input product. Supported sensors are MERIS, SPOT, VGT, MODIS, Landsat-8, SeaWIFs, Sentinel2-MSI, Sentinel3-OLCI,PROBA-V, VIIRS”

Example file I tested with:


I’ve tried running from GPT and within the GUI with the same result. Are these files not compatible with IDEPIX? And, if not, is there a timeline for being able to use them with IDEPIX?

It’s true, IDEPIX hasn’t been adapted to the MERIS 4th reprocessing. So, it doesn’t work yet.
Unfortunately, there is also no timeline set.