Illegal character [?] in path at index 2

Good evening,
I have a problem when I want to upload files in Snap. The file curtain doesn’t work and when I upload a file using the open button, the system shows this error: ‘Illegal character [?] in path at index 2’. The only solution I found is to uninstall and reinstall SNAP, but after few times I use the software normally the error occurs again. Does anyone know how to solve my problem? Thanks

it looks like the file path of the image you want to upload contains illegal caracters. Avoid using path like

/Roger/Documents/Projet numéro 3/images août 2017/ …

Thanks for the answer.
The illegal character is the question mark at the beginning of the path: \?\D:\ name of the folder. In addition, when I reinstall SNAP, I can open that folder and also the FILE curtain, but after a couple of time the problem occurs again.