Image fusion

Hi all,

I would like to mask out clouds in a sentinel 2 image, and the replace these masked areas with a Landsat 8 image.

How do I:
(1) mask out the cloud?
(2) replace these areas with a Landsat 8 image?

To create a cloud mask for S2 data you can have a look in this thread, it is answered there.

Afterwards you can collocate the S2 and L8 products. By doing this you’ve merged both in one product.
Now you can define new bands by Band Maths. Use an expression like:

s2_cloudy_flag ? L8_Band : S2_Band

Make sure to create real bands and not virtual bands.
Now you can define a subset and remove all original bands you don’t need any more.

There might be some obstacles I don’t see right now. E.g. it might be necessary to create a mosaic of multiple L8 first, to cover the whole S2 scene, or vice versa.

How about to create a cloud mask for Landsat 8 in SNAP?

you can use the IdePix module for this case as described by marpet here:

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How about to create a cloud mask for Sen-ET in SNAP?

You would create the cloud mask the same way as in the linked post by @ABraun.
But Sen-ET must be able to use it. How Sen-ET can use an external mask you better ask in the SEN-ET section.