Image looks after resampling less reddish. color redshift?

i wrote a simple graph resampling (10m) < subset and run it with GPT. Afterwards i created an RGB Image in SNAP to comparing the outcome visually and i noticed a red shift in color.

**Left Side (new product) - right side (original product) **

thats my resampling node

<node id="Resample">



      <sourceProduct refid="Read"/>


    <parameters class="com.bc.ceres.binding.dom.XppDomElement">













i have also used the Option “by reference band from source product < B3”. But it was the same outcome my RGB Image looked less reddish.

i expected no changes in the RGB Bands after resampling, because i thought the resolution of these Bands is already 10m. Or i am missing something ? Do i have to apply also some color correction process in after resampling.

If you created also a subset the histogram changes. And this influences the RGB image creation.
I already wrote about it here:

I’ve attached a ready to use RGB profile which you can load in SNAP. With this one you should get constant values.
s2Profile_B432.rgb (163 Bytes)