Imágenes L2 Sentinel-5P en SNAP

I can’t open the L2 images of O3 and SO2 gases from Sentinel-5p with the SNAP application (Sentinel Application Platform), how can I solve it?


SNAP does not support Sentinel-5P natively… you can still read the data files using the NetCDF-CF “Generic Format” import feature, but you will not have access to any advance features.
In different terms SNAP supports Raster type data from RADAR (S1) and Optical Missions (S2, S3), not the type of data that atmospheric missions have.

If you must work with Sentinel-5P data as well as many other types of Atmospheric data please have a look at the Atmospheric Toolbox .

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please ask your questions in English, I have deleted the post.

Good morning,
could someone tell me how to work with sentinel-5p images in SNAP?
How can I install toolboxes?
Thank you very much,
Irene B.

have you seen the answer of @cristianoLopes?

Yes, of course, it’s over here.
I’m asking different questions:

  • how do I incorporate the atmospheric toolboxes into SNAP?
  • if there is another application that processes Sentinel-5p images.

The data are different - you can’t incorporate those in SNAP!

S5P are not images - that’s the crux of the question. Anyway the data is available as netCDF files and there are numerous tools/frameworks to read those. You can also search the internet and you will find several tutorials on how to use the data. Here in the forum you will find a few posts related to the subject - search for Sentinel-5p in the search box.

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Thank you very much, I am still an university student and it is difficult for me to understand many concepts.