Import CSV File


I am running into difficulty, since I am trying to load a CSV file for the pixel extraction or use the placemark file. Unfortunately, I can’t find an example to load. Does anyone have a file that they can share or place where I should look. Any help you can provide or point me in the right direction would greatly be appreciated.


Shaffiq Somani

Just to add more information, I have attached an image of the Excel, which I then go and save as CSV file.

Got it. I am using a mac computer and when you load the file it needs to see the .txt extension. To do this, go into finder, then click on preferences and then advance. Have it show the file name extension.

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I also had problems importing a .txt file in Mac. I had finally to convert from mac to unix formats for SNAP to read it properly:
awk ‘{ gsub("\r", “\n”); print $0;}’ macfile.txt > unixfile.txt
Maybe it can be useful for mac users.


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