Import from Snaphu

Hi, i have a problem when import the unwrapped phase from snaphu. the process unwrapping is succeed. after imported the data, only unwrapped phase that’s appear. do you have any suggestion?
here the step that i have done to create import phase unwrapped

my data after unwrapped in SNAPHU

3 data that i used for import process, the bottom file is the result (only unwrapped phase)

thanks before!

I don’t know if I understood it right but I’ll give it a try.

Don’t open the UnwPhase band in SNAP before, just select the hdr file in tab 2-Read-Unwrapped-Phase by clicking on the … button.
I’m not sure if this is the reason why there are no other bands in the resulting product but at least I always do it like this and didn’t get this error by now.

thankyou, it is worked!