Import jpy

I am trying to use the SEN ET plugin. I’m using SNAP 6.0 and Python 3.4.
When using the estimate leaf reflectance and transmittance, I am getting the following error-

File “C:\Users\DSM-2.snap\auxdata\sen-et-conda-Win64\sen-et-snap-scripts\”, line 12, in
from snappy import ProductIO, Product, ProductData, ProductUtils, String
File “C:\Users\DSM-2.snap\auxdata\sen-et-conda-Win64\sen-et-snap-scripts…\snap-python\”, line 64, in
import jpy
ImportError: Module use of python34.dll conflicts with this version of Python.
Process exited with value 1
Finished tool execution in 0 seconds

What is the issue here and how can i solve it?
Thank you.