Import with SNAPHU

Firstly, I know this topic is always in our forum but the comment and answers seem to be unclear to solve the problem.
Secondly, I had the same problem as my topic: I CAN NOT import files (*.hdr, *.img) to Snaphu import. I installed and ran Unwrapping successfully, without errors. My 1-Read surly the one i export and 2-read unwrapping is the “UnwPhase_ifg_srd_VV_31Oct2017_18Jan2019.snaphu”. I also choose only VV band
Then, I would like to ask:

  • Which actual error causes this problem?
  • How to solve it?
    I sincerely thank you all of you, I think if the problem is solved it will be of great help to the members

can you please share screenshots:

  • of the 1-ReadPhase tab
  • of the unwrapping folder after running snaphu