Importing masks from one product into another, *.xml file


I have a quick question about Mask Manager. Is it possible to import *.xml file (containing about 10 masks created in Product 1) to another product?

Firstly, I exported all masks definition into single *.xml file (via Mask Manager in Product 1).
Then, in opened another Product (containing the same area but different imaging date, Sentinel 2, level 2), and I used the “import masks from file” option in Product 2 Mask Manager. After selecting the *.xml file all masks are showing up in “Masks” in the Product 2 tree, but they’re not showing up in the Mask Manager, so I cannot use them.

Could you please provide me an information how can I use created masks from *.xml file in multiple products?
I created masks in a product after NDVI processing and I would like to import them into other products, also after NDVI processing.

Thank you in advance for your help, Wojciech.

What kind of masks have you created and exported?
If the scenes don’t have the same size, you can delete the line containing MASK_RASTER_WIDTH and MASK_RASTER_HEIGHT.
It has been reported earlier (SNAP-598), but not yet solved.

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Dear Marco,

Thank you for your suggestions. It worked, thank you.

I created masks using “creates new mask based on value range”, button [x].
The band name (used for defining value range) has to be the same like in new product, so I edited it in *.xml file also and then it worked.

Thank you, best regards,