Importing, spectral resampling, and using field and library spectra


I would appreciate help in the following issue. I have generic files (.txt, .csv) of hyperspectral data from a spectral library and in-situ measurements that I would like to use as reference spectra for supervised classification of a sentinel 2 image (bands spatially resampled to be of the same pixel size).

Is it possible to do that? Can I carry out spectral resampling of the field-spectra in SNAP and then carry out the classification from a “spectral library”? If yes, how? I can’t seem to find any info about the matter.

Thank you

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Not SNAP related but the EnMAP box works with spectral profiles and libaries. I didn’t use this feature so far but had great experiences with the software at all. It is free and open source.

Thank you for your input. I wonder if I can use SNAP for this.

have a look at the spectral unmixing module. If you can create a csv with center values for each class and band you could use this as training input and have your scene classified. Worked fine for me.

The CSV must however be exactly as described in the help menu

I also wanted to suggest the spectral unmixing.

Unfortunately, we can’t resample high-res spectra. But I take this as idea for further development.

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Thank you. I will give it a try.