Importing T6 matrix with complex coherence elements in SNAP

Recently in SNAP 5.0, the provision is added to import a PolSARPro product with Complex files in the folder.
So, for example, if we have T6 PolInSAR matrix with the complex coherences, the SNAP 5.0 is able to import it.

However, the I and Q files generated from the complex data (Data type 6 in ENVI) are not read correctly. The real term is read as imaginary term, but there is no correlation between Q and the complex input.

To simplify - Original Data (ENVI/PolSARPro) - (real)+i (imaginary)
Read in SNAP - I and Q
Relation: real = I
and no relation of “real” or “imaginary” with Q.

Can anyone tell me how does SNAP read the complex data?

Which import did you try?

I could imagine that some of them works:
Generic Formats > ENVI
SAR Formats > PolSARpro
SAR Formats > Generic complex
SAR Formats > Generic binary

If you successuflly imported i and q you could generate an intensity layer with i*i + q*q to check if the data was read correctly. Or do I miss something here?

What i mean is this:

  1. I have T6 matrix with the elements of T6 as well as comlex coherences. These are generated in PolSARPro.
  2. The complex coherences are stored in the Type 6 format of IDL/ENVI
  3. On importing this, the I and Q of this complex data is generated in SNAP.
  4. However, this I and Q does not match the I and Q of original data in PolSARPro.

I hope this clarifies the problem