Importing uavsar

Dear all,
I have a problem during importing uavsar data into polsarpro. It says: check runtime errors.

And when I press quick show, i have this picture:

Where did you download it and what product level?

I download it from

this does not say much about the product level.

Could you please try odering the same scene here:
For PolSARpro I suggest the Ground Projected Complex product level.

I have grd files

This is how it works for me

Set enviromnent

Import data

Extract data

I get some runtime errors as well, but the data loads correctly

Thanks for your reply. I did same process But I have following errors after importing data:

And when I press QuickLook

I don’t know what is the problem!

I haven’t tried the quicklook option, maybe it is faulty, but the actual data should be correct.

You can try downloading the same scene from ASF and see if the problem is related to the product format.

Thanks for your help.
I will try it and I hope it works.
I will tell you the results :slight_smile:

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