Importing vector

I’ve imported esri shapefile (shp) and there are 10 features in the shp. But, it seems that snap couldn’t read all of the features. There are only 3 features appear. What should i do? Is there any problem when i created the shapefile?

Are you imported your shp. over an image?. In my case, when I import a shap, they put over the image and import all shps that could enter in there (in the image)

Yes, i am. I imported on image, but the shp area is within the image area. So, all of the features should be appeared on that image

Sometimes the shape files are not well defined, and SNAP is sensitive to those errors.
You can try to correct them using QGIS.

Select the shapefile layer and go to the menu Processing / Toolbox. Enter in the search field ‘fix’ and select the Entry ‘Fix Geometries’. Afterwards save the layer to a new shapefile.
You should also use a recent QGIS version. It seems the correction has been improved lately.

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Thanks for the solution