Improve Coherency in Vegetated Area

Hey there,

I am wondering if there’s a way to increase/improve the coherency in vegetated areas in order to produce meaningful information(instead of noise) for phase unwrapping purpose. Besides getting data with low temporal interval as Sentinel-1 currently only offer data of minimum 12 days apart (can’t wait to see Sentinel-1B data). This is intended for the studies on vegetation. Thanks!


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Dear Glenn,

unfortunately, the temporal baseline of 12 days leads to the experienced decorrelation as C band strongly interfeferes with changing vegetation. By now, you could only try to increase / decrease the window size for the calculation of coherence and see if any changes happen. But these would only be of technical nature.
The better solution would be waiting for Sentinel-1 B images which are soon to come. These can help to reduce the revisit time for higher coherence:


Thank you so much for your helpful reply! Any idea when Sentinel-1 B data will be released??