Incidence angle correction

Dear all,

could you please recommend a method for incidence angle correction? This is necessary for data received in EW mode on marine territories. Below is an example of a lighted image:

there are two widely methods used for incidence angle normalization

  • square cosine
  • linear model

square cosine is used for areas that follow a Lambertian cosine low. This means areas (rough surface) that scatter energy uniformly in all directions

linear model is used in flat areas such as sea ice and ocean.

Have a look at the two papers below:

  1. Incidence angle normalization of Wide Swath SAR data for oceanographic applications

  2. Incidence Angle Dependence of First-Year Sea Ice Backscattering Coefficient in Sentinel-1 SAR Imagery Over the Kara Sea

thank you! I will follow your recommendations