Incidence Angle determination in SNAP

I have followed the following workflow i.e.

  1. Apply orbit file
  2. Thermal noise Removal
  3. Calibration
  4. Speckle Filtering
  5. Range Doppler Terrain correction
  6. Conversion to db
    to process a data set of Loktak Lake (water) India
    There after by drawing a polygon, statistics of Sigma0 VV and Sigma0 VH were obtained.

My query, the obtained ‘mean’ sigma0 value is for which angle of incidence? since the metadata the incidence_near and incidence_far angle is given as 30 deg and 46 deg. How to determine reference angle of incidences in SNAP?
I read few threads in this respect but not cleared. Please help me…

I would suggest to export mask pixel values. You will have incidence angles values per pixel within each polygon.

Thank you…