Incompatibility between CreateStack and UpdateGeoReference operators

I can’t use the CreateStack operator after I have applied the Update Geo Reference operator to my SAR products.

For example, I have 17 S-1 Products on which I have applied the “Update Geo Reference Operator”. Now each one has two additional bands (lat_band and lon_band).
Then I try to create a Stack through “CreateStack Operator” and I get the following error message:

Error: [NodeId: CreateStack] The Product ‘Subset_20160928_iw3_vv_srd_Geo_Stack’ already contains a band with the name ‘lat_band’.

Even stranger is the fact that my input products’ names don’t end with “_Stack”.

Any suggestion?

Update georeference will do a sort of backwards terrain correction to get a pixel geocoding with corrected lat lon in two new raster bands. It’s initial purpose was to map shape file overlay in the corrected position while the image remained in SAR geometry.

I would create your stack first.

@lveci thanks for the quick anwser.

I get it but in “Help” of CreateStack is told:
“The collocation algorithm requires accurate geopositioning information for both master and slave products.”

That was why I did the UpdateGeoReference first. It was an attempt to improve the collocation.

I think we need a better name for the operator to avoid confusion. In your case it won’t help to provide more accurate positions. The CreateStack can benefit from accurate position geometry such as updating the orbit files.

thanks :slight_smile: