Incompelete data

I hope I am wrong but I have the impression that some datas in sentinel dataset got deliberataly manipulated in order to not work properly afterward . I saw at least in more than 5 cases that at the exact time of an interesting natural phenomena, the data was missed, incomplete or currupted. I guess the reason might be that somone in this organ has an ongoing project or their could be a commercial use for data. Has Any one else been trough the same scenario so far?

On which Sentinel (S1, S2 or S3) have you seen these effects.
Could you tell the exact dates and locations and maybe the IDs of the products which are affected. Then it might be possible to investigate this.

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Honestly, I dont remmeber all and I have faced these problem during two years. but I can give you some examples, one was the huge landslides which recently has happened in the briritsh columbia, canada.[] The sentinal 2 product was cropped in the target area.the rest of the area was ok at that date. If I am not wrong, I rememeber the sar image was not also available. another case is Montecito landslides. Again the sentinal 2 images are cropped in that area and surprisingly when I tried to do change detection process with GRDH, the images at 9 of jenuary was that much different that no comparison was possible. the difference between the sigma images where like comparing the two different areas. This might be a random pheonomenaa that affect the antenna. but for cropped sentinal 2 images I can find any logical reason behind that jutify it.

I’ve checked the S2 data.

For me it seem the area of the mentioned even is at the edge of the swath. This might be the reason why no data is available with a near timestamp to the event. But data is available in general. That is a pity but certainly not intentional.


Thanks for your explanations :pray:. It seems more like an unfortunate coincidenc. I am not that much lucky with the research subjects.

For the SAR image also, I noticed I did a mistake and after the time convertion from UTC to local time, i fiqured out that it was measured at couple of hours before the conicidnece.As result, literally there was no changes. But any way, the backscaterrer range was surprisngly different than other dates.