Index exceeds the number of array elements - Step (1)

Hi everyone,

Does anyone had a problem of “Index exceeds the number of array elements”, when running Stamps first step?
here is the error:
Stemps 1

Any hints, what could be the source of error?

Thank you in advance
all the steps are correctly done (I hope), including naming of the folder (InSAR-masterdata), using mt_prep_snap and the master date (yyyymmdd), start matlab from the terminal, etc.

Just follow these below steps,


Thank you a lot for your quick reply. I came across this post several times till now; and I believe I am doing it exactly as it is described.
I have my master-data folder–> run mt_prep_snap in the shell–> open matlab in a directory (I also check that the path are selected properly); however, I still get the same error, as I posted before.

Is there any specific step that I might have overseen?
Why do I get the “Index exceeds the number of array elements” error?

I would highly appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Just type getparm in Matlab then send me the screenshot.

Here it is , and Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Everything is ok. Could you please process mt_prep_snap once again like below.

mt_prep_snap masterdata (path up to INSAR_masterdate/) 0.42

The problem was most probabely related to my “master” image! I removed the image which was my master file, and re-do all the process again.
It worked without a problem :slight_smile:

Best regards and thank you for your support :wink:

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Thank you for sharing your solution.

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