Information of Sentinel-2 Band 1 and Band 9

Hi all,
I have some questions about the information/meaning of Sentinel-2 bands. Especially band 1 and band 9.

I am aware that B1 carries information about coastal Aerosol and B9 about water vapour absorption. But in terms of telling the differences between burnt area and harvested crop fields, can these information from band 1 and band 9 be useful?

Because I am trying to distinguish burnt areas from harvested crop fields so I did some discriminant analysis including all bands and various indices, and somehow the results are telling me that band 1 and band 9 seem to be good indicator to tell the difference between those two areas (burnt area & harvested agricultural area). Whereas all the other indices like NBR, BAI, NDVI, etc. do not display significant differences for those two areas.

Do you think it makes sense? Or do you think the discriminant analysis went wrong at some point?

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you in advance.

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