InSAR and vertical urban development

Can urban construction (e.g. high-rise buildings) show its effect on interferometry in the form of uplift? In other words, can vertical urban development be monitored with InSAR?

Do you know an article on this topic, or a paper that mentions the uplifting due to urban construction?

If you mean to use PSI to monitor the process of a building “rising” from nothing, that is impossible.
If you mean that the PSI results show that the urban surface is uplifted (that is, the PS deformation rate is greater than 0), then there are several factors that may cause this result.

No, that is not possible, PSI is based on tracking persistent scatterers over time and building upward will generate new scatterers all the time until the building is finished.

Thank you dear @Nijat and @mengdahl for your great guidance.

In our research, the urban area has the highest uplifting speed compared to the surrounding areas. I am looking for the reason and I wanted to know if urban vertical construction can have such an effect on uplifting.

Uplift is very rare, are you sure your data has the correct sign? Usually the ground sinks in urban areas due to water/gas extraction etc.


I agree with mengdahl. The result of urban construction is often land subsidence rather than ground uplift

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