InSAR mining activity

Hello everyone,

I’m relatively new to the InSAR field and would appreciate your opinions on a few topics. Specifically, I want to monitor mining dynamics at an open-pit mine. Since it’s an open-pit mine, I would focus solely on its territory where there is bare rock, thus avoiding issues with vegetation and the time of year. However, I might face challenges due to the fact that I cannot expect high coherence if the mine is active, leading to constant changes in terrain topography that might be interpreted as low coherence rather than mining dynamics. Another issue is how to discard images due to bad weather. The location is at an elevation of 300 meters, and I have data from one weather station 20 km away at 1000 meters elevation and another 40 km away at 200 meters elevation. How can I use this data to discard the images I don’t need?

Additionally, I’m struggling with obtaining vertical displacement rather than just LOS displacement. Could you guide me to the literature on how to combine ASC and DESC interferograms to derive true vertical displacement values from all phase to displacement measurements?

I aim to analyze a period of 4 years, intending to recreate the dynamics at the open-pit mine.

Thank you in advance for your help!