InSAR stack averaging of processed interferograms?

Hi all. I’ve asked a similar question before but I wasn’t able to get any conclusive answers. I am hoping now that I understand things better I can frame the question better too.

I have many fully-processed interferograms for which I am trying to isolate the surface displacement signal. The steps I have performed on them are:

Coreg(ESD) --> Ifg --> Deburst --> DInSAR --> Goldstein Flt --> Terrain Correction.

My question is: For all these highly processed interferograms, is it possible to ‘Create Stack’ and perform stack averaging in order to try and reduce the presence of atmospheric phase contribution in the interferograms? I have tried and it has not worked for me.

If anybody has done this before or knows of a similar way to reduced the presence of atmospheric phase screen on interferograms I would be very grateful if you could help me.

Or could I only do stack averaging after phase unwrapping?

this is answered here:

works for me at least.

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Thanks ABraun, will give this a go.