InSAR Stack Information tool - no ESD Offsets info

Hi, I am trying to follow find the estimated ESD offsets values using the View -> Radar -> InSAR Stack tool. I have used the S-1 TOPS Corregistration with ESD to create the stack but when open the Stack Information tab I can not see the offsets and in the ESD Meassure tab it is shows following message: “This tool window requires coregistered TOPSAR stack product to be selected with ESD applied to it.”
Please see the screen shot below. I am not sure if this is a bug or I am doing something wrong. Any ideas?

The same happens when I use following graph build in graph builder. (should be the dame as the S-1 TOPS Corregistration with ESD tool)

I am also having this issue. Does anyone have any idea?
Also, the help contents are blank for this tool

@ABraun even i too have this issue. Can you us out ?

have you tried the “S1 TOPS Coregistration with ESD” module instead of splitting it separately?

yeah, i tried that option.