Install SNAP in unattended mode: varfile

Reading the wiki page about the installation of SNAP in console and unattended mode, I see that in unattended mode it is possible to use the -varfile option to configure the installation.
One way suggested to obtain the varfile is to install snap normally (or by console) and go into the .install4j folder of the installation directory looking for a response.varfile file.

I did the installation on Ubuntu 16.04, but into the installation directory there is no .install4j folder.
Should I look for it in another folder?


Probably this folder is hidden by default. Even it is not shown, try to navigate directly there by specifying the folder directly n the adressbar or on the command line. Just in case you don’t find it, I’ve attached one.

response.varfile (803 Bytes)

The folder were there but hidden, thank you Marco.