Install Snap with Mac OS 10.8.5

Hello everybody,
I’ve just finished install Snap on Mac OS. There was no problem. I’ve checked all the toolboxes but the window below opened when I trie to open SNAP. That’s the first time I’ve such problem while installing applications. I don’t know what to do …

Thanks for helping !

The image cannot be displayed - please upload again.

I haven’t seen such message before. Have you checked if the specified directory is writable?
Maybe try to delete the .snap directory completely.

Strange. I can see the attached image . It seems it is not working with Firefox and Chrome. With Edge I can see the image.

you are right. I can’t see both images in firefox but in Edge.

The problem is there is no “.snap” directory !

it is sometimes hidden. Make sure that also hidden objects are displayed.

I’ve just looked how to show hidden directory on Mac OS … no “.snap” directory !

sorry, I was thinking about windows.

On my linux system it is under home\user.snap

Depends a bit on your installation.

No problem !
The most important is the idea … despite I don’t find any “.snap” directory !
All my iMac was scanned and I don’t know what to do.

As the directory doesn’t exist, I’ve tried to create it and … It works ! SNAP is running now.
Thanks ABraun for your idea !

that’s crazy :smiley:
I’m glad you found a solution!