Installing issue of Polsar pro v6 biomass

I had installed Polsar pro v6 biomass in windows 7 premium version with 12gb(64bit) ram but after installation polsar pro not opening. Issues are is not a valid 32bit apllication

Is TCL installed as well? Magicsplat Tcl/Tk

Have a look inside the installation folder and try to open the tcl file

I can´t open PolSarPro v6 after installation, this error appears:

Before that, I installed TCL. Runing on Windows 10 1903 version.

this is a matter of Visual C++ Runtime. You can download and install it here:

It requires to uninstall the previous version, but there are many versions:

the download link leads to version 2015, so I suggest removing 2015 before installing it again.

The PolSARpro v6 (Biomass Edition) we are delivering is 64 bits application.
We don’t provide anymore a 32bits application

The problem is coming from the fact that “wisht.exe” seems to be used instead of “wish.exe”
Which tcl-tk package has been installed on your computer ?
In the “Read-me First” file (from are provided two links where two tcl-tk packages, that work well, could be downloaded and installed

Thanks @ABraun @polsarpro_team. The problem was solved using Magicsplat Tcl/Tk, as @ABraun suggested in another post. POLSARPro running fine.