Installing Java?

I’m trying to install the Java SE Development Kit 11, but I’m not longer seeing the JRE and I’m unable to start Eclipse with it.

To work around this I installed Java SE 8u191, which comes with a JRE installed.

Does anyone know what is up with this? JDK 10 didn’t do this. Also, anyone know the difference between Java SE 8u191 / Java SE 8u192 and JDK 11?

In the release notes, it is said that there is a JRE
Or have you used OpenJDK and not the one from Oracle? I think for OpenJDK there is no JRE.

The difference is significant. Especially between 8 and 9. That’s why we are still on Java 8.
Maybe the following links can help you:

Why do you need a separate JRE? JDK comes with everything JRE has. JRE is only if you need to run java and not develop on it. Regards,