Installing SNAP-ESA makes Ubuntu's Snap package manager unusable

After installing SNAP-ESA on my Ubuntu 20.10, snap store, the default software manager/updater for Ubuntu suddenly becomes unusable. Commands such as $ sudo snap install xxxxx opens up SNAP-ESA instead of installing wanted snap packages. Maybe it is because of the similar names between those two? Please fix this as snap-store is crucial to delivering updates for other snap delivered softwares.

When you installed ESA SNAP did you have it create a symbolic link for the “snap” command? You can try renaming the link, e.g., to “esa-snap”, or delete the link and run ESA SNAP by using the path of the . For example, if you installed SNAP in ~/snap, you would run ~/snap/bin/snap.


Name clashes are normal in linux/unix environments. There is nothing wrong going on, other than that. In fact there is nothing to fix - except perhaps explaining this better in the documentation.

The SNAP installer probably just updated your PATH (prefixing it with SNAP the bin dir). Your easiest/quickest solution is to change the setting (under ~/.profile or ~/.bash_profile or similar) and move the SNAP bin path to the end. This should give you back the snapcraft snap command and you can then use the full path to run SNAP snap.

Like @gnwiii mentions you can also create a link to the SNAP snap command to make your life easier.

Depending on your linux skills you may also want to play with the update-alternatives command, see:

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Thank you, I will look further for the specific commands as I am very very new to Linux

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You will find it pays dividends to spend some time learning linux command-line basics from somethinf like EdX Introduction to Linux or Linux Command. The latter is available in translations.

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Thanks all. And here’s what I used specifically:

sudo mv /usr/local/bin/snap /usr/local/bin/esa-snap


PS hisyamahm welcome to the wonderful world of Linux! Hope you have fun : )


Thank you, I will.

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