Installing snappy on ubuntu

i built the snap-engine and snap desktop using mvn as instructed. but i don’t know how to proceed and install snappy. I couldn’t run the snappy-conf command. Did I miss something ? or skip a step ?

More detail would be helpful. Which version of Ubuntu are you using (many people are using 18.04 LTS to run snappy)? Is there a reason you can’t use the regular SNAP installer? What happens when you try to run the snappy-conf command?

Ubuntu version : 18.04.4 LTS

i cant use the installer because i am working on a google cloud vm which is just a terminal (no interface)

there is no command “snappy-conf”

As you have discovered, there is more to a SNAP installation that the engine and desktop. The SNAP installer should work in a headless VM.

There are more instructions for installing SNAP on a server? This also tells how to install updates using the command-line.

You can install SNAP on a workstation and copy the installation (both the main (snap) directory and the ~/.snap directory) to the VM. You may need to create a user login with the same user and group ids as the VM.

Thank you so much!
It worked just fine.

Glad you got SNAP going. You should mention which of the two approaches (copy existing installation or use command-line capabilities of the installer) for the benefit of the next person who searches the forum for an answer to the same question.

The command line capabilities of the installers does everything by itself, it even configures snappy.

But if the python version is not supported "snappy-conf " should be used to manually configure snappy after the installation.