Installing Version 8

I would have thought that by Version 8 ESA would have been able to organise an installer that actually works. On Windows 7 it does not update an old SNAP version and for a fresh install, it fails completely . And to top it off the installer .exe self deletes.

this is the first time that this is reported - do you get an error message?

Have you tried to run the installer with administrator privilleges? This has solved some of the recently reported errors. Maybe another installation directory or even hard drive could be worth a test.
Hard to guess - just thinking aloud…

I have had problems updating, but the installer .exe never “self-deleted”. That sounds like
it triggered malware protection measures.

An administrative SNAP 8.0 update of SNAP 7 on my personal system (Windows 10 Pro) worked, but a non-admin updated failed on my work system (Wind ows 10 Enterprise) with pretty heavy-handed restrictions. I had to uninstall SNAP 7 and then install SNAP 8 without checking the box to have SNAP added to the Windows\Start Menu\Programs List (I still got a Desktop Icon). When I did check the box and select my personal %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs location the installer still tried to put SNAP 8 in the System Start Menu. I suspect our Enterprise Configuration is forces use of the System Start Menu (some sites recommend that the
user Start Menu items be moved to the System list – probably as a security measure).

It could help to get more details of your Windows version and the error messages you got.

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Many thanks for the comments. As administrator on Windows 7 I was able to install on a backup drive only to find that the desktop executable snap64.exe was deleted when I reopened SNAP. At this point I rebooted and after deleting anything relating to SNAP, installed in the normal way under ProgramFiles and SNAP works fine. So it must have been a permissions-related problem. At the begining when the installer crashed and self-deleted, it crashed when it was extracting snap64.exe, so this must have been because of permissions. Curiously however, a couple of .exe files were extracted and installed OK in bin before snap64.exe.