Integration of Planet imagery in SNAP


I have recently noticed the approach of American companies like Planet willing to collaborate with ESA in the development of Earth Observation downstream applications, as we have seen in recent events. For us, end users, entrepreneurs, and application developers one of the current challenges is being able to use different imagery with the available software. The strength of having multi source data is being stopped by software capability to work with different imagery providers. From my perspective, willing to design an agile, efficient and fast processing/analysis workflow means working with the less software possible. So far, I think that SNAP is an incredible tool. It would be a very nice advantage being able to work with Planet imagery in this software.


Yes of course, I fully agree. If you are in discussions with Planet you can inquire whether they are interested in providing readers of their products as community plugins.

any news on this side (PLANET)?


So far we do not support Planet products, but support for them could certainly be added. I would urge you to ask Planet about this issue.

Thank you Marcus,
I’m already start a small crusade (peaceful!!) towards PLANET in this sense. I hope also with the help of others from SNAP’s community to get some results.

All the best.