Intensity of interferogram

I have been SNAP for years SNAP6. and Now I upgrade my software to SNAP8.
I just want to check if this version works good and I opned my old interferograms and runs the same calculations with same data and I get something strange in the Intensity images as shown in this picture.
and so the values of pixels info are not the same scale or values what’s changed between those version?

the same interferogram with V8 left and V6 right

is the same color scheme (min/max) applied to both images? You can transfer the color scheme of the first to the second image with this button grafik in the Color Maninupation Tab (and selecting No in the subsequent dialogue).

You can also check if the expression behind the intensity is still the same. Go to the raster properties of both products and check what is entered in the Pixel Value Expression, e.g.
i_ifg_VV_16Apr2018_28Apr2018 * i_ifg_VV_16Apr2018_28Apr2018 + q_ifg_VV_16Apr2018_28Apr2018 * q_ifg_VV_16Apr2018_28Apr2018

Yes think they are not the same in expression
i_ifg_VV_02Aug2020_20Aug2020 == 0.0 ? 0.0 : 10.0*log10(i_ifg_VV_02Aug2020_20Aug2020 * i_ifg_VV_02Aug2020_20Aug2020 + q_ifg_VV_02Aug2020_20Aug2020 * q_ifg_VV_02Aug2020_20Aug2020)

i_ifg_VV_02Aug2020_20Aug2020 * i_ifg_VV_02Aug2020_20Aug2020 + q_ifg_VV_02Aug2020_20Aug2020 * q_ifg_VV_02Aug2020_20Aug2020

I just tested with one pair and get this

i_ifg_VV_16Apr2018_09Jul2018 * i_ifg_VV_16Apr2018_09Jul2018 + q_ifg_VV_16Apr2018_09Jul2018 * q_ifg_VV_16Apr2018_09Jul2018


i_ifg_IW2_VV_16Apr2018_09Jul2018 == 0.0 ? 0.0 :
i_ifg_IW2_VV_16Apr2018_09Jul2018 * i_ifg_IW2_VV_16Apr2018_09Jul2018 + q_ifg_IW2_VV_16Apr2018_09Jul2018 * q_ifg_IW2_VV_16Apr2018_09Jul2018

So I think the precondition is also entered at my side, but probably not a problem (just checking that there is no invalid data). However, I cannot reproduce the difference. The intensities look alike and have always looked like this in my case

This is a screenshot of SNAP 5.1 and the intensity in the interferogram looks like this

I have no explanation for the the bright intensity you showed in the first post, I have never seen something similar.