Interferogram Computation Problem with ERS Data using NEST

Hello there.

I am trying to generate DEM via creating an interferogram first. I did subsetting, applying orbit files and coregistering. After that, I used Interferogram Formation tool with default settings. After writing, a line appeared saying “2-Java Heap Space”. When I checked the phase band of the processed product, it appeared like this;

I wonder what I did wrong. Thank you in advance.

Why are you using NEST?

I thought it would be more practical since I am using a tutorial on ESA page as a guidance. I tried both s1tbx and Nest. I was stuck in an earlier stage of processing and I was switching between them to solve it. This is the time I came this far, and it happened on Nest. I am going to try on s1tbx as well.

NEST has been superseded by SNAP by some years ago already. S1TBX in SNAP is based on NEST so you should find SNAP immediately familiar.

I had the same error with SNAP.

Could be a RAM-issue - 8Gb is the recommended minimum.

NEST might need less hardware resources for ERS data-processing but since it’s an old toolbox it is no longer supported. You might be able to proceed with SNAP by tweaking some of the settings in the options.

Probably my 8 Gb RAM is not enough. The writing process gets cut in between and this message appears. Thank you for your help.

8Gb is enough, please set the Java VM parameters under Tools/Options/Performance.

I’ve been in a break doing this. I’m sorry.

Now when I do it on an 16 Gb, I get an error like this, and the created product is not an interferogram.

Thank you.