Interferogram filtering

Hi all !

I’m a little confused about a thing I found strange. I’m currently doing a bunch of InSAR and DInSAR product with Sentinel 1 and especially with new data S1B.

I normally use a chain that I made but I strangely found just now that for Interf filtering I can use the tool “phase filter” in the graph builder.

Normally i put goldstein filtering but the problem with this tool is that you can’t modify parameters and especially the “alpha” of the algorithm and then you can’t really do “hard” filtering.

But, I found that we can choose the alpha when you put the “Phase filter” tool in the graph (after choosing goldstein as your filter).

Unfortunately when you use it, you loose the coherence band you generated with the interferogram…which is, you guessed it, very annoying especially if you want to make a “Snaphu export” after this, and automatically. I tried then to run the “Phase filter” and make a new band in the output, but it didn’t work (by adding the coherence band from the interferogram).

SO (sorry it’s a long story :slight_smile: ) do someone know how to use the goldstein filtering with the choice of the alpha parameter or how to put the coherence band in the output of the “Phase filter band” in order to make Snaphu export work ?

If not I think it would be a huge update of the tool “Goldstein filtering” in next update of the software.

Thanks for reading !


Thanks, we’ll add the alpha parameter to the goldstein phase filter.

Great !

Thanks for this prompt reply Iveci :slight_smile:



In fact i was wondering if it would be possible to add more than the alpha :smiley:

Precisely the parameters of the blocksize used by the filter, the overlap between blocks and the kernel filter ? The kernel affect directly the alpha effect so … and for the block size it will allowed to control for efficiently the time consuming of the run.